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Find how to configure your CDN and how to use its features.

What is Tinify CDN?

Tinify CDN makes it easier than ever to speed up your website. The key differentiator that makes Tinify CDN stand out from other CDN services, is the seamless integration with the Tinify compression technology. Not only will your content be served as close as possible, Tinify CDN will also automatically optimize your images with the best compression algorithms thereby reducing its size and improving the speed of delivery and reducing bandwidth costs.

Another unique feature is the Tinify Multi-CDN, by combining the powers and qualities of multiple CDN providers we accelerate your content delivery even further. Not all CDN vendors have the same global coverage and performance can vary greatly during peak times. Apart from the coverage a CDN is also susceptible to the occasional downtime, either caused by their own network, or by intermediary networks that sit in between the CDN and your users. Tinify Multi-CDN combines multiple CDN providers into a single large network and with a little piece of technology intelligently routes every user to the best network. This gives us increased reach, availability, and the best experience for your users.

Tinify CDN is a super-fast, efficient, and highly scalable CDN product, that has the ease of use to which you are used to from Tinify’s services.

How does Tinify CDN work?

Tinify CDN works similar to a regular CDN where your content is served via data centers as close to the user. When a user requests an image from a website, the data center will check if they have the image stored. If not stored, it will retrieve the image from the origin, optimize the image, and serve the optimized version. If the optimized version is already stored in the data center, it will serve this cached version.