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How to select the best CDN plan after the trial?

When you sign up for Tinify CDN, you will start with a two-week trial. On your trial, you can set up the CDN service and try it out for free. Tinify offers 3 paid plans, each of them are created with a different type of user in mind.

  • Basic, best value for personal websites and blogs
  • Business, maximum performance for business websites and online stores.
  • Enterprise, more bandwidth and priority support for businesses with specific needs.

When choosing the CDN plan that is right for you, it mostly depends on your required bandwidth and the number of websites. Unlike other CDN companies, with Tinify CDN there are no additional costs per compression.

In case none of the plans fit your needs or you need assistance with choosing a plan, please feel free to reach out to We'd be happy to discuss possibilities.

CDN usage

When selecting a paid plan, it's important to determine the estimated traffic. What can help in this process is the network traffic overview on your CDN dashboard. Once you have set up Tinify CDN, your daily network traffic is shown in a graph.

Here is an example of the network traffic overview:

In the graph, you can hover over each bar and see the traffic for the selected day. With this information, you can calculate what your monthly needs will be and select the best plan for you.

Furthermore, the CDN dashboard also shows the total network traffic for the current month. However, please keep in mind that when you have signed up for the CDN trial in the previous month, the previous usage will not be included in this number.