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How fast is my website?

The speed of your website is important for the visitor and search engines. A slow loading website can be the cause of users not staying and bouncing off your website. This leads to low conversions, bad search engine ranking and unhappy clients or visitors. Not a good thing!

Luckily there are a couple of tools available that can be used for free for benchmarking your website and which gives recommendations on what you could do to improve the speed.

Tools for analyzing site optimization

The Tinify analyzer shows you how well you have optimized the assets on your webpage and how much you could gain from using Tinify's optimization tools to speed up your website.

Google lighthouse / Pagespeed insights gives tons of recommendations on good practices, speed, SEO and accessibility. Please keep in mind that a perfect score of 100 is nearly impossible, especially when you are loading external resources into your website. However, it should give you a good guide to best practices.

Webpage test uses external agents that load your website and displays how the assets are loaded and its duration. It can show you a waterfall of how various assets are loaded. The assets that are taking the longest time to load may require some optimization. One of the unique features is that Webpage also creates recordings / film strips for you and can load your website from different locations in the world. This tool is definitely useful for testing whether enabling Tinify CDN can make a difference for you.