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Find how to configure your CDN and how to use its features.

Single-CDN and Multi-CDN

Traditionally content was mainly served using a single content delivery network (CDN) but nowadays multiple CDNs (Multi-CDN) are gaining more traction and are becoming the preferred way for reliable and high-performance content delivery for small and large projects.

There are some potential problems with only using a single CDN that Multi-CDN solves:

  • Smaller footprint, not every CDN vendor is strong in every region of the world
  • Susceptibility to network hiccups or micro outages

In a Multi-CDN set-up, you are leveraging multiple CDN vendors and can use their network in a combined fashion which extends your reachability, performance, and uptime.

Tinify CDN offers Multi-CDN and empowers it with a DNS load balancer to identify and choose the best performing network for each user accessing your assets. It is also keeping track of uptime and reroutes your users when a CDN is having issues.