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Automatic Image Conversion to Next-Gen Formats

Tinify CDN can automatically transcode your PNG and JPG images to next-generation image formats like WebP, reducing loadtimes and enhancing web performance and user experience.

How it works

Automatic conversion

Tinify CDN detects whether the visitor supports WebP by analyzing the Accept headers. If WebP is supported, and the resulting WebP image is smaller than the original (optimised) PNG/JPG image it will be served to the next visitor.

This process is seamless and requires no manual intervention, ensuring that your images are always delivered in the most efficient format possible.

Browser Compatibility

For browsers that do not support WebP, Tinify CDN ensures compatibility by serving the original (optimized) image format. This fallback mechanism guarantees that all users, regardless of their browser's capabilities, will receive images that are optimized for their viewing experience.

Frequently asked questions

Can I disable this feature for specific images or directories?

Currently, the automatic conversion feature applies globally to all images served through a Tinify CDN site. Fine-grained control over specific images or directories is not supported at this time.

How does this affect my CDN billing?

Serving images in next-gen formats like WebP generally results in smaller file sizes, which can lead to reduced bandwidth usage and potentially lower CDN costs. At the moment conversions, like resizing and optimisations are not billed seperately on Tinify CDN.